Future Energy Jobs Legislation

Statement from Representative Welter

“Today I voted in support of Senate Bill 2814 the Future Energy Jobs bill in an effort to create thousands of new jobs and preserve more than $1.2 billion in economic activity in our state. I made a commitment to fight for nuclear power jobs in our district and my vote today is to protect those good middle class jobs that employ our friends, family and neighbors.” 

“Three studies have shown that doing nothing will result in far greater increases for energy consumers from the everyday family to the large energy consumers such as manufactures. It is my belief that voting in favor of this legislation will keep rate increases to a minimum with caps to protect consumers.  It also provides for stability and reliability in energy production keeping all of Illinois’ nuclear plants running and producing clean energy to power Illinois for the next 10 years. My belief is that supporting this legislation will protect small, medium and large energy users greater than doing nothing.”