Statement on Rules

“Today the House Democrats forced through an antiquated set of House Rules that truly stop the Democratic process in Illinois. These rules prohibit good legislation brought to us by our constituents from ever seeing the light of day. It allows unbalanced budgets to be dropped without notice and be forced to a vote; It simply continues to give one person too much power.
When I took over as Grundy County Board Chairman the first thing we did was sit down as a whole and rewrite the rules to be fair and balanced for all members. The new rules allowed for open hearings, transparency, and a fair and equal process. The committee chairmanships were given equally to both parties and everyone was given a voice to represent their constituents.
I have a history of reforming rules and believe that the House Rules needed to eliminate Lame Duck sessions, allow the body as a whole to decide if legislation needs a hearing in committee, and allow a public review period for all state budgets. “