Frank Sereno Honored for 70 Years with American Legion

From the Morris Herald-News:

MAZON – Frank Sereno of Mazon is one of the few to be honored for 70 years of membership at an American Legion, and the only one at Mazon Post 352.

“Most of our members have reached 60 years, and one is at 50 years, but this is the first time anyone has reached 70 years,” Jim Sterba with the Mazon post said.

He said he never thought he’d see anyone hit that 70 year mark let alone someone as active and as important to the Mazon group as 92-year-old Sereno.

“We are deeply honored to have veterans like that,” Sterba said. “He’s always been active at the post.”

Sterba said Sereno few in aircraft as a gunman in World War II and he’s sure he saw a lot of action and has a lot of history to share.

Sereno, a humble veteran said he didn’t want the attention or anyone to make a big deal out of it.

“He’s our hero more than anything,” Sterba said.

As an active member he participates every Wednesday night in the American Legion Post 352 bingo, and still participates in funerals of fellow members, recently holding the post flag at the funeral of a fellow legion member.

Sterba said for being 92 years old and being as active as he is, he is a model member that any Legion would be proud to have.